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At The Benefit Haven, our goal is to provide impeccable service to our clients and our agents. We do this by providing elite, proven systems that equip our members with the necessary tools required to be successful & successfully serve their clients.

We not only believe, but over two decades of combined experience as agents and managing successful insurance agents, that when agents are trained properly and given proper resources to get in front of potential clients as well as having access to the best products on the market, they can provide the best service to clients making them valuable advisers.

Why TBH?

The formula created by The Benefit Haven team has proven that the current 10% success rate of all insurance agents across the country, can easily surpass 50%, which then also has an incalculable and priceless impact on clients doing the right things in serving our nation’s clients!

What Separates TBH?

We offer 3 different entry points when getting contracted with us. Whether you’re just getting started out in the business and you’d like the most support possible, or you’e been in the business for years – we have an appropriate compensation structure for all.

Company Culture

We’ve set up a culture that allows each of our team members to encourage each other, share their experiences, and pick each other up whenever anyone is struggling. 

Perks & Benefits


Competitive Salary


Immediate Vesting


Lead Automation


Field Training With Management


Full Support and Resources


Real-time Leads


The Best Products


Performance Bonuses

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