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With access to over 150 different insurance providers, we’re equipped to handle every retirement decision at any point in time that you’d like. If you’re already retired, we’re here to help! If you’re planning for retirement, we’re here to help too! 

Full Medicare Services and Reviews

Life Insurance Benefits and Final Expenses

Retirement Income and Savings

Extended Care Benefits

Dental/Vision or Critical Illness Benefits

Cost Comparisons
Allow us to review the current costs you’re already paying for your active policies. With access to over 100 of the highest-rated insurance providers across the country, we can quickly find out if you’re over-paying for any of your policies.
Income Stability
For starters, we can’t help but be surprised by the number of clients we speak to that have never considered what would happen to their income if their spouse were to pass away. When we provide the facts of this scenario, we often receive the ‘ol “deer in the headlights” look. 

The fact is, you can easily prevent any misfortune from befalling your spouse, you just have to set a bit aside for it. The sooner this topic is addressed, the better off you, or your spouse, will be when the time comes.

There’s so many unexpected bumps in the road that can come up once you’ve retired. If you’ll allow us to sit down with you and your spouse for 30-60 minutes, we’ll gather all the information we need in order to make sure that, based on your situation, you have the best possible odds once you’ve retired.
Annual Reviews
There’s no getting around it…things are constantly changing in our industry – and furthermore, life happens!

We often hear that conducting a review every year seems like it’s a bit overboard. In some cases…maybe it is. In most cases though, it’s a great habit to get into! Whether it be a change in health, your spouse’s health, a new change in Medicare, a change in prescriptions, a rate increase, and we could keep going… the fact is, it only takes us about 30 minutes to go over this stuff with you with each time, it’s completely free to you, and you’re probably going to learn something new each time we sit with you. Are you seeing a downside??

Free Downloads

A few handy guides for you to check out that have some very helpful information 

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Services

Do you charge for your services?

You will never be charged for our services. We always provide free reviews and consultations to ensure you are in the best position possible. We are here to serve you today.

What are all the benefits you help with?

We cover the entirety of retirement benefits. We can help with with any of the following…

  • Medicare-supplements and Advantage plans
  • Life insurance and final expense
  • Extended Care Insurance (short-term, long-term, home healthcare, and assisted living facility benefits)
  • Income Protection
  • Cancer-Heart-Stroke Plans
  • Dental/Vision Plans

Can we meet somewhere besides my house?

We’re happy to have you come into our office, or we can meet up with you any public place of your choosing. This is usually a local coffee shop, library, etc.

Do you help with investments or IRAs?

Whether you’re just beginning to put together some ideas or you’ve already started taking out distributions – or anywhere in between – we help by providing the most relevant advice to your situation. 
With the wide range of carriers and products we have access to, we’re able to find unique solutions for any type of situation you’re in.

About Our Products

What happens when I submit for a quote?

Unlike most of the other quoting tools you’ll find online, we do not share your contact information with any outside sources or 3rd parties! No exceptions!

When you submit the form, we receive a notification that provides your information and, from there, we get to work. 

We run your answers through our database and that immediately provides us with the top 25 rates for the product you’re looking for. From there, we filter out any of the companies that aren’t A-rated, then we fix up a file that we’ll be presenting to you. 

So, once you’ve submitted the form, you can expect to get a copy of that file (which contains all the quotes) within the following 24-48 hours. 

It’s that simple!

I have a policy with a company that you don't have listed, can you still help?

Often times, this is where we do our best work! Being that we have contracts with over 100 different insurance carriers, we’re able to compare your plan with what’s out there. If your policy is a good one, we’ll always say so! Sometimes our job is just to fill the gaps within the coverage you already have.

Either way, we’re always happy to help in any way we can.

Are your online quotes accurate?

Quoting online is always a bit tricky because the rates will always depend on different answers that are unique to your situation. A lot of other sites out there will get you to participate based on bogus quotes, but by the time you realize that fact, they now have your contact information and…well, you know what happens from there. 

That being said, we’ve found the most reliable and accurate quoting tools that are on the market. So, as long as you’re as truthful as possible, you’ll receive quotes that are very close to the ‘real thing’.

Do you offer Affordable Healthcare plans?

Sorry, we do not. 
However, if you’re not on Medicare yet there are other benefits that we’re able to help you with. In fact, there’s a lot, but we’re unable to assist with advice and/or enrollment with plans relating to the Affordable Healthcare Act.

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Not in Las Vegas? That’s okay!
Our team is licensed in multiple states across the country. Shoot us a message and we’ll let you know if we can assist. If not, we’re happy to refer you to someone who can!

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